Taramati Baradari Fort

Taramati Baradari was built by Abdullah Qutub Shah the Seventh Sultan of Golconda,a near Gandipet lake in Hyderabad city. The palace was built for his favorite court singer/dancer Taramati.
Taramati Baradari
Taramati Baradari was built with 12 entrances, a piece of intellectual architecture of renowed engineers of the past to see that the palace is filled with natural light throught out the day till sun sets. As the palace is situated close to Golkonda fort even without stepping out of the fort Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah used to enjoy the melodious songs of Taramati - the architecture of the fort made this even more easier to carry out the melodious voice from Taramati Baradari to Golkonda Fort.

Qutub Shahi tombs - the royal cemetry where all the kings and queens of Qutub Shahi dynasty were buried, one more beautiful tourist attraction in Hyderabad city. Qutub Shahi tombs was once beautiful rose garden. After the death of Taramati as a tribute to her royal service she was buried in royal cemetry amidst of Qutub Shahi kings' and queens' tombs
Taramati Baradari in night

Taramati Baradari fort is now used by tourism department to celebrate cultural activities every year. This fort is one of the best tourist spots to visit in beautiful Hyderabad city.

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